Internet Commercials: Bane or Boon?

We, Quick Money Saver, this time would like to discuss an arguable topic about internet commercials. Pro-commercials would say that no websites can actually survive without any kind of advertisements. Anti-commercials would argue that webmasters should be considerate and focus more on quality of their own website contents, not just focus on advertising revenues. There are always strongly-worded arguments between these two sides.

Just like older-generation TV (television) commercials, we know that much is being said already and written against internet commercials too. What many viewers do not seem to realize is that without TV commercials we would not have any successful commercial channels, or so many worthwhile TV programmes because it will cut severely their income which will in turn be reflected their TV programming quality. Similarly, without internet commercials many good websites can hardly survive and get updated frequently because of lacking money.

Online promotion is big business today. With the size of online users are growing rapidly, internet now becomes an effectively powerful mass medium or an influential media for business promotions. Some popular internet advertising platforms nowadays are Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertising, Microsoft adCenter or even Facebook etc. Online advertising is at least good for employment, helps maintain quality in the products we buy online, and keeps prices down because the popularity of a commodity means that it can be mass produced.

Online promotion, however, also has it bad side. Excessive advertisements on a website can result in a poor user experience. Many users may find online advertisements too disturbing, annoying and make them hard to read actual content on websites. Some online advertisements there may even promote and glamorize potentially-harmful products or services in pleasant circumstances. Hence we, Quick Money Saver, do support that online commercials should strictly follow the best code of advertising practice.

Online promotion does benefit us in other ways as well. For instance, compare the elderly people of ten years ago with those of today. Today people are younger looking and more fashionable because they get so much encouragement and advice from internet commercial fields, especially those whose business is relating to fashion or beauty.

We, Quick Money Saver, are lobby for free enterprise market and think that it is time people stopped just complaining about internet commercials. Internet commercials shall be welcomed in our free-enterprise world, and any ban will only contravene the original spirit of free-enterprise as well as freedom market. It should just be a question if advertisements on a website are too excessive or not. While favoring control on amount of advertisements, many internet promotion companies are against imposing a total ban. After all, are we not all free to close the websites if we really do not want to see too many online advertisements from them?

On the other hand we, Quick Money Saver, believe that we should also send a persuasive message to make it clear that we do no support completely laissez-faire economy. Some online advertisements that promote potentially-harmful products or services are indeed too seductive and thus are not suitable for impressionable youngsters. Since young people who watch these internet advertisements may be indoctrinated and thus should be protected from temptation. While a total ban does not seem to be feasible, these kind of bad online commercials should be subject to tight control.

We, Quick Money Saver, therefore strongly suggest that maybe these bad internet commercials shall only be shown at late night in each time-zone and never during viewing periods of young generation, just like what have already been effectively carried out for TV commercials. Appropriate warnings should also be included in these bad internet advertisements to put young people and children off.


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