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You are a smart money saver again! There are now E-Book(s), or someone may just called them mini eBook(s), ready for your 100% FREE download here. Unless otherwise mentioned, all ebooks are in PDF file format which is popular for most soft book readers. Here is the list of eBooks available for your instant download:

Title and Outline of eBook(s)File SizePath for FREE Download
Shanghai vs HK: This mini eBook gives you brief description on the competition background between the HK and Shanghai, as well as their current development trend160 KBDownload link
Best Asia Destinations: This mini eBook gives you advice on which Three Tourist Destinations in Asia are becoming more and more affordable nowadays. 153 KBDownload link
Effective Measures For Inflation Control: This mini eBook briefly describes what kind of effective measures have been used to control inflation in China. 151 KBDownload link
Market Expectation For European Sovereign Debt Crisis: This mini eBook describes the recent European sovereign debt crisis, and also the market expectation about European debt default.155 KBDownload link
Is RMB Appreciation Still a Guarantee?: This mini eBook explains whether RMB appreciation can still be a guarantee, and also the latest development of this Chinese currency.149 KBDownload link
Experience Sharing - How to Market Your Site Effectively?: This mini eBook describes how we market our site effectively and shares our experience with you frankly.156 KBDownload link
How to Build Backlinks Safely and Naturally? This eBook provides an extremely practical and useful SEO guideline for you to build quality backlinks safely and naturally. This is the best link-building method that you can use it for FREE.120 KBDownload

Table: FREE eBooks for Your Download

All the above eBooks are sponsored by this Inspiring Financial Magazine which legally own all the copyrights. These eBooks will not require you to wait for a standard 60 seconds prior to your download. Although they are only mini-eBooks and their file sizes are small (we keep them tiny as we do not want to add any kind of banners or annoying advertisements etc), they do contain links that can deliver more valuable contents to you if you are interested in the particular topic(s).

We will continuously upload more eBooks and will update this table as well to add the related download links. You are highly welcome to bookmark this particular webpage so that you will not miss any update and will be able to come back to visit anytime you may want.

Important Notice: These eBooks are sincerely brought to you by This Generous Website. The eBook(s) shall be changed or altered in any manner, and you are only permitted to distribute the eBook(s) for non-commercial purpose. You shall never claim copyright to our eBook(s), sell or resell the eBook(s) in any manner.

Furthermore, we have also created a helpful toolbar software for your quick download. Our toolbar has already been featured with online games, TV, custom search engine, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook functions etc. If you want to own this highly useful tool, please do not hesitate to Download it for FREE instantly (UPDATE: removed download link).

What is more, the above toolbar and e-Books are 100% FREE to distribute, just because they are basically intended for use with promotional purpose. However, please be aware that distribution can only be permitted as soon as all the contents within the toolbar and eBooks, including but not limited to the links back to the sponsored website, have to remain fully unchanged.

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Leon Victor said...

I have downloaded one book from this site. Can I know more about toolbar and its function?

QMS said...

Thanks for your downloading and your interest in our toolbar.

The main function of the toolbar is to run altogether with popular online games, TV channels, custom search engine, YouTube videos, Twitter or Facebook pages etc. However, we have to temporarily disable the download because of a legal issue with a main online game developer. Sorry for the disconnection but we will resume the download immediately once the legal issue is resolved.

You are, however, completely legal to download any of our eBooks here as they are provided by a totally different non-game supplier.

Thanks again for your understanding and support.

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