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We, Quick Money Saver (QMS), run this exciting website that helps to save your money smart, easy and fast.

This website, Quick Money Saver (QMS), should currently be supported, in part, and be contacted via an Inspiring Financial Magazine here. As a result, please note that both our websites are in the same group and hence share the common background information and basic policies such as Our Main Objectives, Disclaimer Statement, Copyright Policy, and Advertising Policy.

Our Privacy and Cookie Policies

Please refer to our Privacy Policy Page for details (we do not want to create duplicate content here) as we share the same privacy and cookie policies within our group.

We also assure to follow our own AdSense Policy as well.

Contact Us

If you have any query or question about our website, please contact us directly through funqms@gmail.com.


Although our group is not-for-profit, we do welcome any voluntary donation from you as a kind of support. If you want to support us in this way, please do not mind to make your Secure Donation here (this will bring you to an external website owned by the above mentioned financial magazine within our same group).

Alternatively, you may donate us directly as we (Quick Money Saver) do accept crypto-currency for donation. Our Addresses:

BTC: 17yTW2uLNUq1yos6ho4uXgfuEyjy732enX

LTC: LVuR9A8fwqrv1Uwsz2U9ad5wmX4bs9cgvC

DOGE: DTd7yrPCscvDoorNprRNfQKGJYgSvvh2PP

DGB: DDx9Bmge73L5isc1kwRFtCA8wgEfsnzQq3

Quick Money Saver accepts BTC

Quick Money Saver (QMS) Accepts Crypto-currency

OR if you already have your Coinbase account, please send to our registered email address:

Our Coinbase registered email: funqms@gmail.com

Send crypto-currency through Coinbase email address is currently free of transaction charge.

If you are new to Coinbase, please register there for free.

Link to Our Website

If you share the common view with us, you may support us easily with a plain-text hyperlink to our website in a way that our web page should be opened as the top page in the current window or should be opened in a new window right away. Any framing of our content, however, cannot be accepted because it does violate our copyright.

Here we show you an example to open our website as the top page of the current window:

<a href="https://quickmoneysaver.blogspot.com" rel="dofollow" target="_top">Quick Money Saver</a>

Please copy and paste the above html code to your own website or any webpage that you are able to edit.

Save Quick, Earn More

In this Quick Money Saver (QMS) website, we will do whatever we can to introduce as many ways as possible to you to help saving your money. We will let you know where and how to save, in many different areas you should be interested in. These may include but not limited to, introducing great bookstores, gift stores, beauty shops, shoe shops, accessories store, music shops, electronic or technology outlets, software or game shops, and many other bargain shops etc to all of you.

In addition to just promote saving, we may occasionally post some useful tips or guidelines to help you earn more money. This serves to align with our main purposes to help you Save Quick, Earn More, though we believe that as a good start, saving your money should be a bit more important and it is the basis for you to start earning more soon.

We are 100% sure that you will love this existing and money-saving website.


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