Why Donating Your Website or Articles to Our Team?

Do you feel it is a crazy idea to donate your website(s), blog(s) or article(s) to our team?

We do not think it is so crazy. If you ever donate money to people who need, why you cannot donate website(s)? Donation is never limited to money!

In addition, donating website(s) to us will have several real advantages. We will go into more details in the below paragraphs.

Website Donation Program:

Every time when you browse over the internet, you may occasionally find some abandoned websites. These abandoned sites may have some good contents, but it just have not been updated for a very long time.

This phenomenon can be caused by a number of reasons. In some cases, the websites could earn and should be worth updating, but their webmasters (site owners) just did not have time to run them because they had something else more important to do. In most cases, however, the webmasters started up well, but very soon they realized that they could not earn much by continuously running their websites. They found them not worth keeping their websites updated, so they gave up and left them abandoned.

This was not a very significant problem perhaps 15 years ago when the internet was still young and was not so popular. However, we believe this problem will just be getting worst as more and more new websites are born but the competition is also getting keen. We expect the number of abandoned websites on the internet will grow exponentially in the next 10 years.

Yes, making money online by updating websites is never easy and is just getting increasingly difficult. However, it is not a main concern for us since we are not-for-profit.

Our website donation program is a brand new way of donating sites. To let everyone better understand how our website donation program works, we put our basic rules as a FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) format as below:

(1) What Steps should be taken in order to donate a website to us?

Website donation normally involves two steps: transfer domain and web hosting. Please contact us and inform us at least the following: (a) Your domain name; (b) When will your domain expire; (c) Your web hosting login information; (d) Any specific requirement(s) or what style you want your site to keep after the ownership transfer.

If you have used any third-party marketing or supporting tools like Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook fan page etc, please also transfer us these accounts as well for better site management.

As a smart money saver, we reserve our rights to transfer your domain and web hosting to a free service provider such as blogspot or wordpress, depending on how much the domain and web hosting fees are and whether it is cost-effective to maintain your site in a paid hosting system. If your website is a blog and already run by a free service provider such as blogspot or wordpress, the ownership transfer will be more simple as you can just send us your login information or grant us the necessary administrator right.

You can also choose to announce ownership change to your readers formally, or just keep it silently as if no change was made.

(2) Why should consider donating the website instead of selling it to somebody else?

First of all, honest speaking, not many people would buy a website unless it has a good ranking or has reasonable earning potential. Even you can sell it, you will normally only get a penny. Most importantly, as a webmaster we understand that most site owners should have put many efforts in building their site at the beginning. Most of them would rather abandon their site and simply do not want the new buyer to ruin it (by changing everything of the site). We, as a responsible webmaster, promise to keep all your published content unchanged after the ownership transfer. We will only add more new content to keep your site up-and-running.

(3) So what are the main advantages of this website donation program?

The main advantages are: (a) We will keep your main theme and all your published content unchanged; (b) We will add more new content to keep your site up-and-running and further build your site ranking; (c) We will follow your specific guidelines or applicable requirement(s) strictly; (d) While ensuring good heritage, we will apply suitable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques for your site reborn.

(4) Can I get back my site some time later after the transfer?

The answer is NO, just like donating money to other people you should not expect getting your money back some time later. This is NOT a free hosting-continuity program or a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program that we optimize your site, you find it really improving and then we give it back to you. That is why we only encourage you to donate truly abandoned websites.

(5) Can I share part of the website earning after donation?

The answer is again NO. This is NOT a revenue sharing or a website trading program. In most cases we will disable all existing ads or unnecessary javascript codes in your site after the transfer and will substitute them with other advertising platforms we may find appropriate. All potential earnings, if any, will only be used to support our goals for charity. This is the real reason why no any revenue sharing is possible.

Perhaps the only 'return' you can expect is that you will get full creditability from our program. As seen from your normal readers, it is still called 'your site' because we promise to keep all your published content, including your original author name, unchanged.

(6) What is the main purpose in running this website donation program?

You may now ask: why we enjoy spending so much efforts in maintaining different variety of abandoned websites?

We believe this program can help promoting our site network and can spread our words of LOVE. We trust this program will eventually make us stronger.

If you also like our objectives, now you may consider donating us your whole blog or website.

(7) Is there any restriction on this website donation program?

We normally accept any content site (no 'under construction' or illegal site please). However, since we do not have good writers who can understand languages other than English or Chinese, now we can only accept websites written in English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. We do not outsource writing tasks (for accepting more websites in other languages) because we must ensure overall quality standard of your site(s).

Article Donation Program:

If you really do not want to donate us your whole site or blog, that is fine and you may still consider to support us by donating some quality article(s).

You can donate every quality article you 100% owned, but for avoiding attacks from scammers we will not publish articles that cannot meet our guest posting editorial guidelines and industry standard requirements like this one. Of course, for meeting the key purpose of article donation, you should not expect any link back to your website from your donated article(s).

You also should not expect that you can withdraw your article and publish it elsewhere after donation. Just like website donation, we believe this article donation program can help promote our charity network, and you can also show your support to us by donating quality article(s). Again, the only 'return' you can expect is that you will get creditability from our program and have your author name mentioned in your article(s).

More Donation Options:

Having read about all our above website or article donation options, if you still prefer to support us by donating money instead, you are always welcome and please click on this donation link (this will direct you to an external site owned by our same group) to give us immediate financial support. Thanks.

If you have any questions about the above donation programs, please do contact us whenever available.


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