Free Marketing Strategies For Small Home-Based Business

It is well-known that advertising on TV, popular magazines or newspapers etc are traditional but the most effective marketing channels. However, these methods are indeed too expensive for small home-based business owners, especially for those who just start-up their own home-based business.

We, Quick Money Saver (QMS), think that modern marketers should thanks to Internet, as some cost-effective, powerful and even free online marketing methods have become available for small home-based business in the recent years.

How to Save Money on Marketing Your Small Home-Based Business

Now we would love sharing a few useful tips to help you save some money on marketing your small home-based business but without sacrificing results or quality. Most of these tips are extremely helpful to reduce your total business operating costs quickly and effectively. Implement these free marketing strategies repeatedly can save time and money while attracting millions of extra visitors to your business website.

The first useful and free marketing strategy is about link exchanges. In fact, exchange links (URLs) with other same-niche websites is now the most popular marketing method and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique being used by many small home-based businesses. Basically, link exchanges can help raising link popularity and link diversity. It also gives a better chance to get higher ranking in search engine placements which depend on the number of effective backlinks (BLs) towards particular website.

Furthermore, your website can get higher chances to attract more new visitors or to be browsed by web surfers, which can increase your overall sales as well as ROI (return on investment) significantly.

It is extremely easy to find out which particular websites are willing to exchange or reciprocate links for free, without having any risk of spamming others. Just visit any major search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo and then write in the search bar with keywords like "Cheap Online Shopping Link Exchanges" or "Cheap Online Shopping Reciprocal Links", if your home-based business is about cheap online shopping. Then, those top 20 websites listed in this search will provide you great resources for high-quality link exchange purpose. You may contact those webmasters individually via their emails to suggest reciprocating links with these good ranking websites which can also help your own business websites to achieve higher ranks in popular search engines for free.

However, bear in mind that algorithms for popular search engine are changing constantly from time to time. For example, the recent Google Panda or Penguin updates emphasize more on resourceful website content, and put less focus on websites with link exchange or thin content. In addition, extensive link exchanges which aim at manipulating organic search results are generally not welcomed by modern search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Now we can say reciprocal links are not as powerful as before for gaining your website authority. We, Quick Money Saver (QMS), therefore do not encourage extensive link exchanges at all and must remind you to do that marketing tricks very carefully, at least not to violate any existing Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines. Nevertheless, reciprocal links can at least bring you some direct clicks from high-authority websites and can still be a free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique for any new home-based business promotion.

While traditional advertising on TV, popular magazines or newspapers are far too expensive and not feasible for marketing budgets of small home-based business owners, please do not give up. No matter your home-based business is about "Cheap Online Shopping" or not, there are still many effective marketing strategies which are free for use online. We, as a Quick Money Saver (QMS), will definitely share more similar free marketing strategies with you in the coming weeks, so please do stay focus on our new blog post updates about home-based business promotion or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique.


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