Best Use of Photographs For Small-Business Online Marketing

In our last post, we mentioned about link exchanges as our first suggested method for marketing your small home-based business with zero cost. Here in this post, we (Quick Money Saver) will continue to let you know more free online advertising tactics for effective small-business promotion, especially by using some charming photographs, pictures or ads.

How to Make Best Use of Photographs, Pictures and Ads For Small-Business Online Marketing

Small-business owners, unlikely large international corporations, usually do not have enough advertising budgets and resources for promoting their specific seasonal products or services. How can small-business owners overcome this particular small marketing budget problem effectively? We (Quick Money Saver) now propose that proper use of charming photographs, pictures or ads can definitely help marketing small-business advertising campaigns online at very low cost. Here are the details how this special money-saving promotional method can be effectively implemented:

(i) Make Best Use of Photographs and Pictures.

Photo images are essential elements for attracting human eyes to look at your press releases, marketing articles, advertising campaigns, promotional websites etc. Charming or advertising-friendly photos are no doubt the key to small home-based business marketing success.

However, the first problem you must solve is: Where and how to get these nice charming photos? Do not forget that almost every image and photo people can see on the Internet has copyrights, and therefore it is illegal to re-publish any one of them without written consent or permission from the original owners. Otherwise, you may need to prepare paying for penalty fees to settle any possible sues.

Of course you can purchase advertising photos online directly if you love to. Nevertheless, the item prices of real charming photos must not be cheap enough for your tight advertising budget.

The most cost-effective idea is to take high-quality advertising photos by yourself. This can also give you 100% freedom to choose the shooting angles, places, colors, lights, exposures, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, brightness, contrast, pixel resolution (dpi) etc before taking any attractive photograph to suit for your own small home-based business marketing purposes.

Always try taking as many shots on your own as possible and try linking these charming photos as close as possible with your specific products or services. Thus it would be a huge cost-reduction for your small home-based business advertising campaigns as you should not need to buy expensive photos from other photographers for use in your own promotional websites, online advertisements, press releases, marketing articles and so on.

We, as Quick Money Saver (QMS), must emphasize here that taking charming photographs by yourself can surely save you great deal of money. If you own a database (just like a library) of charming images for online business marketing purposes, you will not only save good amount of money, but will also save lot of valuable time as well. You may then freely use any suitable charming picture in your own commercial brochures, press releases, online advertisements, promotional websites, marketing articles etc at any time you deem necessary.

(ii) Your Powerful Ads.

With fairly-low advertising budgets, everyone may still implement the same strategies as stated above (about attractive photos marketing) for his own online promotional ads. Make sure your marketing messages to end customers are clear, unique and easy-rememberable. Monitor and watch closely what kind of ads can convert best and generate more online sales or internet traffics. Then start using the same advertising campaigns extensively over and over again at suitable newsletters, promotional websites, safe mailing lists, solo ads, signature files, e-zines, classified ads or anywhere possible. Finally, you can achieve the same positive online business promotion results repeatedly with your selected charming ads.

The above are just two additional free online marketing methods for effective small-business promotion with insufficient advertising budgets, by using some charming photographs, pictures or ads. We, as Quick Money Saver (QMS), shall continue to work specifically on this topic and disclose more free online marketing tactics for any small home-based business in our next post(s).


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