Auto Insurance: Why Need Just-Enough-Coverage?

Saving money is not just about finding cheap stuffs. For saving on auto (i.e.: automotive) insurance costs, finding a car insurance scheme with just-enough-coverage should be a more practical and smarter option. However, how can you possibly know what is just-enough? As a QMS (Quick Money Saver), we shall let you understand all necessary basic knowledge about this topic before you really know how to get a right auto insurance scheme that can 100% satisfy your actual needs.

Life is indeed full of unexpected events, and auto insurance is an ideal protection against any possible car theft or unwanted accidents etc. Nowadays, people depend quite heavily on their own vehicles for day-to-day travels, and thus damaging or even losing a vehicle by any theft or just a small traffic accident can easily contribute substantial financial loss. Instead of money loss, it may also affect your normal activities such as school, office, dating or important appointments etc.

By basic definition, a good auto insurance scheme should provide enough medical, liability and property coverage:

(1) Medical Coverage.

Medical coverage should pay for any cost of medical expenses, treating injuries or body rehabilitation etc. It should also pay for any wage losses or even funeral expenses.

(2) Liability Coverage.

Liability coverage should pay for any cost of legal responsibilities caused from property damages or injuries etc.

(3) Property Coverage.

Property coverage should pay for any cost of damages in your own car.

A normal auto insurance scheme should be a package with various kinds of basic coverage. Most insurance policies shall provide basic protections with standard benefits, and other bonus benefits are often available as optional protections out of extra premiums. Here is a reference list of the most-common auto insurance policy standard benefits:

- Lock replacement;
- Windscreen;
- Medical-related expenses;
- Driving other vehicles;
- New vehicle benefits;
- Personal effects etc.

These standard benefits are what an auto insurance scheme with just-enough-coverage should basically have. You may also carefully select, based on your own actual needs, some other optional bonus benefits for extra car protection.

Examples of optional auto insurance policy bonus benefits are:

(i) Motoring Protection.

Motoring protection is supposed to pay for any personal injuries that the car owner or other people might have sustained from any claimable traffic accident. This special auto protection service may also include any related legal technicalities or property loss.

(ii) Breakdown Assistance.

Breakdown assistance is supposed to provide financial assistance for breakdown of your vehicle. Full details of this special assistance service are usually available when the car owner starts getting new auto insurance quote or goes renewing his policy online.

In any case, you should only try getting a just-enough-coverage auto insurance scheme for maximum savings on your budget. Additional coverage may look good, but certainly can only bring you some unnecessary benefits. You will end up buying unnecessary coverage that you will never use of.

We, QMS (Quick Money Saver), hope the above basic information can help you understand all general knowledge about this special topic so that you can smartly figure out what is a just-enough auto insurance scheme suitable for you. We always recommend insurance coverage should be just-enough, no more and no less. It does can help eliminating any unnecessary costs and thus maximizing your total annual savings.


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