QMS Affiliate Program: Make Money Online Easily At Zero Cost!

In the following paragraphs, we will introduce what you can do to make money online easily with our QMS affiliate program at zero cost.

QMS Affiliate Marketing Program

Our team, Quick Money Saver (QMS), has set up an affiliate program with Tradebit, which is a reputable network for selling downloads including E-Books, software, articles etc. Now how can you earn money successfully from QMS affiliate marketing program? This should be easy and you will just need to go through the following 4 steps:

Earn Money Affiliate Program

Earn Money From QMS Affiliate Program

(i) Get you unique Tradebit user ID so that you can track your own earnings by signing up your Tradebit account at http://www.tradebit.com. You may select to create a new account for $4.95, while you may also sign up an account for FREE with any of your facebook account. Skip this step if you are already a Tradebit member.

(ii) Once you get your unique Tradebit user ID, make sure you also enter your PayPal email address information in Tradebit setting. This allows you to get paid directly from Tradebit via PayPal. For anyone who not yet owns a PayPal account, please sign-up an account at PayPal official website for FREE.

(iii) Copy and paste affiliate tracking code to your webpage(s) or website(s). Format of affiliate tracking code should be:

(iiia) If you prefer to directly promote our QMS Tradebit store, you should use:

<a href="http://www.tradebit.com/visit.php/your user ID/user/236034">Find Great Downloads Here!</a>

where 'your user ID' is the unique Tradebit ID you obtained in step (i), and 236034 is our Tradebit user ID.

(iiib) If you prefer to promote any specific item(s) in our QMS Tradebit store, you should use:

<a href="http://www.tradebit.com/visit.php/your user ID/product/-/product ID">Purchase This Great Item Here!</a>

where 'your user ID' is the unique Tradebit ID you obtained in step (i), and 'product ID' is the identification number of specific item you select to recommend to your webpage visitors. Each product item in our store (named 'MoneyShare') has its own unique product ID, and you have your freedom to choose any product item(s) you prefer to promote at http://moneyshare.tradebit.com

For example, if you select an item in our store with a product ID 184378554, you should copy and paste the following into your site(s):

<a href="http://www.tradebit.com/visit.php/236034/product/-/184378554">Purchase This Great Ezine PLR Articles Package</a>

where 184378554 is the 'product ID' of this specific item.

Whatever you use any of the above format, Tradebit tracking system can find out automatically which sales (to our ID) are referred by your unique user ID. As a result, you should not worry about how we (QMS) track the sales from your webpage(s) correctly or worry about any tracking error which may possibly be unfair to you since the system is completely run by Tradebit, a third party that QMS has no control over it.

(iv) Every time when people click-through from your webpage(s) to buy our item(s) listed in Tradebit system, you will then EARN 10% COMMISSIONS from each sale! Commissions will be paid to your PayPal account on a WEEKLY basis straightly from Tradebit. Our affiliate program is basically running on a popular Pay-Per-Action (PPA) success model. In general, placing more affiliate tracking codes onto more webpages should generate more sales, and thus more commissions you will be able to earn! This is probably one of the most important earning tips or success secrets you need, and no extra efforts or techniques should be necessary.

You can now image that the whole idea can be as easy as placing affiliate tracking codes onto your webpage(s) and thus will not cost you longer than possibly an hour to complete all 4 steps stated above. Forget all technical skills about revenue sharing calculations or complicated eCommerce solutions because Tradebit is going to do all the required payment transactions and system maintenance on our behalf.

It does not matter whether you just intend to earn some more online money or you have prepared to start a real internet marketing business, our QMS affiliate program is good for people who prefer a home-based work than a generic office job. This affiliate program is also good for beginners due to its no-expert requirement. The program itself shall require very little online marketing skills to succeed, due to the fact that selling prices of all our items are set at a highly affordable and competitive level, which makes them attractive enough to drive affiliate conversions. What is more, our items are properly licensed with either MRR (Master Resell Rights) or PLR (Private label Rights), so all our products are 100% legal. You are definitely not help promoting scam items, so you should find yourself a lot easier to sleep well at night. More importantly, for time management aspect, you have all your flexibility and your own freedom to promote one or all products inside our store just at any time you prefer.

Bear also in mind that our QMS affiliate marketing program does not have any minimum traffic requirements for your website(s) and is 100% free to join. Come to Join us Now as a Smart Money Saver and Earner! Don't miss such an unique online money making opportunity! You will eventually be able to make as much money online as you probably can at zero cost!


Krishna Kumar Shrestha said...

Great article. Yes, really very beautiful affiliate marketing methods. Thank you.

QMS said...

Thank you for your big support.

Great to see you leave us that kind of wonderful comment!

You are strongly invited to join our QMS Affiliate Program... as it will certainly help you earn more money at zero cost online.

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