Free Backlinks From Dofollow But High PR Auto-approve Websites

Today we, Quick Money Saver, would share with you a fresh list that can help building free backlinks from over 600 do-follow, high PR (PageRank) and auto-approve websites.

What is Backlink?

Backlink refers to any link from other webpage pointing to a specific webpage. Theoretically, every backlink (no matter it is from internal webpage or from external webpage) can be useful for link building purpose.

Why Backlink is a MUST for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Most search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo etc) believe that more quality backlinks pointing to a web site, the higher authority should the site be. Search engines like Google determine website PageRank (PR) by seeing how many other websites have quality link(s) pointing to a site. Quality backlinks are therefore useful for popular search engines to position a site during user searches and become a must for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and site authority building. Website domain names ending with .gov (i.e.: government uses) or .edu (i.e.: education uses) are traditionally considered as high authority quality backlinks.

Why Dofollow?

Do-follow backlink refers to any link from other website that does not carry rel=nofollow tag. Google only counts dofollow backlinks and recognizes corresponding link juice passed to your site. Google, however, does not count nofollow backlinks and so they generate zero link juice. Therefore, dofollow is a necessary requirement for website authority building and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Remark: nofollow backlinks, which do not pass any link juice, can still be useful for generating website traffic if visitors come to click on them. They will also help making your backlink combination appears to be natural for Google, because 100% dofollow backlinks can be highly suspicious for most search engines.

Why Higher PR (PageRank) the Better?

Instead of Alexa site ranking, Google uses its own PageRank (PR) algorithm to determine authority of each single web page on internet. Suppose that your site has any other outbound link (external webpage), it can help this external webpage better if your site ranks PR5 instead of PR1. Moreover, you shall always be aware of pointing to any outbound link with only PR0 or even NA (i.e.: no Google PR) because this external site may have likely been too new or even been penalized by Google. If this is the case, Google may suspect you may have provided link to a "bad neighborhood" and this will certainly hurt your site ranking in Google searches. So it is surely higher PR (PageRank) the better for link building, and minimum site rank should be PR2 to PR3, depending on the competition level of selected keyword(s).

Why Need Auto-approve?

If a website does not auto-approve comments (if any) of visitors, then probably the webmaster will only approve non-spammy comments and filter out all the rest. So even you submit 100 times, you may still not get one approved by the webmaster and it will be a complete wastage of your valuable time for site authority building. On the contrary, you will get a 100% acceptance rate if a website can auto-approve your comments instead. Auto-approve websites can also help speeding up your link building campaign and improving overall chance of success.

The above are the real reasons why we (Quick Money Saver) now brings you a fresh list resource that can help building free quality backlinks from over 600 do-follow, high PR (PageRank) and auto-approve websites. This free list is compatible with common SEO link submission software such as Scrapeboard, Scrapebox, Xrumer, Scrapejet etc for website authority building.

You may now Download this list here for FREE.

Do not try to build all 600+ quality backlinks overnight, or your sites can be easily caught and banned by common search engines such as Google, Ask, Bing or Yahoo etc.

Disclaimers: None of the websites in the list are under our control. Please note that abuse of this free list or improper link building activities may cause banning penalty of your sites by common search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo etc. Users must use this pagerank (PR) authority building resource with their own care. QMS (Quick Money Saver) team bears no responsibility for any consequence that may arise.


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