What if You Suddenly Become a Billionaire

We, Quick Money Saver, today want to bring our readers an interesting question: Imagine what will you do if you suddenly become a billionaire? Many people would say the first thing they would do is to buy their parents (or their love ones) a new, luxurious apartment. This apartment should be located at a city where their parents love its environment so that they would enjoy their good living together there.

For most new billionaires, another good way of using this wealth would be to pay their younger brothers or sisters for higher education abroad, especially if they are not well-educated in western countries. The reason is that many people still trend to think that educational standard in western countries is much better than that of local one.

Next on their shopping list may be a spanking new car for their Dads. In fact, most Dads would like a good-quality car of their own and can even become good drivers for their families to go out together. So if any billionaire does buy new car for his Dad, he is using the money quite sensibly to bring happiness for all family members.

Now it is your turn! If you still have money left, you should better invest most of the remaining money based on the advices of your parents, senior family members or financial professionals. As QMS (Quick Money Saver), you may also save the rest of your money in any reliable bank for your future because prevention is always more important than cure. However, as a new billionaire, you may still keep a certain sum of money just for shopping spree. You may spend money traveling around the world to buy anything you like. You may like visiting all famous tourist cities in the world, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo etc, and try all the special foods there.

We, Quick Money Saver, would suggest that if anyone was lucky enough to become a new billionaire overnight, he may like others less lucky than himself to benefit too. He should consider donating some of his money to charities, the Red Cross Refugee Fund, or even some local schools in his city. His money will be absolutely necessary for poor people and will thus be minimizing opportunities for them to suffer any longer.

We know it is by no mean an easy decision, and it is disturbing to realize that our world is still full of utilitarian-minded people. Admittedly, utilitarianism is just one by-product of our modern society. Everyday competition has made us ambitious, hard, and care only about money. We youngsters are gradually losing their natural character that cares about other unlucky people. We have no plan to educate anyone on saving unfortunate people, but we really wish while you are busy preparing yourselves for future after becoming a billionaire, you do not lose those natural, human qualities we are all born with.

If possible, even you are still not yet a billionaire, you may donate a few of your money to support us running our websites, including this QMS (Quick Money Saver) website. Full details About Our Group of Websites as well as About Our Key Goals can be found at this Special Donation Page. Anyone may visit there before considering to provide any monetary supports to our group. Do contact us if necessary, because we believe that efficient communication between donators and our group can also be essential. Thanks in advance, and of course QMS (Quick Money Saver) wishes sincerely that you will become a billionaire soon in this Happy Wonderful New Year 2014!


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